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    Why pandemics activate xenophobia

    The coronavirus outbreak, which emerged in China earlier this year, is quickly spreading across the world. We may not have reached full pandemic status yet, according to the World Health Organization, but we are inching closer..

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    Before ‘Chinese Virus,’ There Was ‘Mexican Disease’ in L.A

    The L.A. River, and railyards. Most streets are rarely cleaned by the city and they frequently pile up with garbage. Many aren’t even paved. An Italian dancing hall, a Buddhist temple, a Syrian coffeehouse and the homes of Mexican laborers reflect the working class district’s diversity.

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    How the Humanities helps our veterans

    At a recent dinner party, I fell into conversation with a Navy SEAL. One might wonder what a history professor has in common with a member of one of…

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    Win or Lose, Los Doyers are ‘Familia’

    During Game 6 of this year’s World Series, a man held up a sign. On top, it read, “1988: Father and son at World Series.” On the bottom,…